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Rethinking digital writing.

Unlock a world of effortless writing, immersive reading, and vibrant engagement by transforming every story into a community.
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The All-in-One Experience

The complete life cycle of writing in one toolkit.

Focus your energy on telling stories — skip the unnecessary complications of dealing with file formats, payment providers and API keys.
Image for feature Notion-like rich text editor
Notion-like rich text editor
Compose your writing in a lovingly designed editor that seamlessly incorporates images, videos, callouts, tables, and various other components.
Image for feature Best in class reading experience
Best in class reading experience
Whether on desktop or mobile, empower your readers to effortlessly navigate through your book's content. No more pinch-to-zoom on PDFs.
Image for feature One-Click Publishing
One-Click Publishing
Once your writing is complete, easily enhance it with essential metadata, input your payment details and voila! You're all set to embark on your writing journey.
Image for feature No Payment Hassle
No Payment Hassle
No need for API keys — we take care of the technicalities, ensuring your payment setup is hassle-free and ready in no time.
Image for feature Track Book Sales
Track Book Sales
Discover what resonates and identify areas for improvement effortlessly. Seamlessly track the performance of your writings with our integrated analytics services.
Three easy steps

Accelerate the spread of knowledge.

Compose your writing in a carefully designed rich text editor.

Set the price, include additional metadata, and hit publish.

Distribute the link of your writing and finally share your knowledge.
Bridging the gap
Image for feature Transform writings into communities
Transform writings into communities
Imagine effortlessly interacting with your readers. With Facet, you can keep your audience informed about updates and easily receive their feedback. Facet bridges the gap between you and your readers, transforming each piece of writing into a vibrant community. Engage your audience like never before and turn every story into a shared experience.

Infuse it with your personal flair.

Facet offers customizable editor components following Convention over Configuration, allowing you to easily tailor colors, line widths, and icons without sacrificing readability.
Ample room for personalized touch
Facet boasts a variety of diligently adjustable editor components while adhering to the guiding principle of Convention over Configuration. This means you can tailor components to your liking—whether it's adjusting colors, tweaking line widths, or choosing the perfect icon — all while ensuring readability and effortless comprehension.
What customers say
Thanks to Facet, I was able to complete my book in record time! Not only did it streamline my writing process, but it also enhanced the reading experience for my customers, who absolutely love it. ❤️
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